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Positives: Professional, Quality, Responsive

"Mr Roofer helped us file an insurance claim due to some recent storm damage. They took a stressful time and made it a breeze, they were very knowledgeable and put my family and I at complete ease! I will definitely recommend them to anyone with roofing needs in the future!"

Jason Moore


Positives: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

"We chose Mr. Roofer to file our insurance claim after doing some research and learning they were a veteran owned company. Jon Robinson and Jason Johnson were a pleasure to work with! Quality work from quality guys! Two thumbs way up!!!!!"

Chris Lee


Positives: Professional, Kind, Helpful, Responsive

"We were going to file a claim with our insurance company due to storm/ice damage. The quote that ALL PRO of South Point, Ohio gave us was minimal so we decided to do the work ourselves (the deductible is half what the job would cost). Esther and Eric were very professional and helpful. John called me and said he would send some fans and cut back our carpet so we would not have mold issues. We will definitely use them when we do our roof repair."

Laurena Mayo


Positives: Professional, Easy to Work With

"Great guys to work with!!!"

Frank Murphy


Positives: Professional, Caring, Helpful

"These guys are wonderful. I have a special needs grand, they not only took our clothes but a small basket of his cars from the movie CARS. They retuned it all to us at our motel. Since some cars did not make it, they went to WAL MART and bought him a few more. Every step of the way, ALL PRO has been there for us. They come as strangers in your darkest moment. They leave that moment filled with hope and new family members."

Pam Clarke


Positive: Professional, Thorough, Diligent

"These guys went above and beyond to try to prove to All State that my roof needs to be totally replaced. He went up on the roof twice with 2 different All State's roofers to be sure they saw the same damage that he saw and take pictures. All State's roofer and Jason both failed my roof. All State even called him and he offered to send pictures. All State only wanted to replace 51  shingles on a failed roof which would not have held and would look horrible as you can see my roof from the street. So I replaced it myself. I you need a new roof and someone who is willing to fight for your interest I would highly recommend the guys at Mr.Roofer."

Donna Patterson


Insurance Claim Specialist

Insurance claims do not have to be complicated. After a severe weather event the stress can become overwhelming. We have compiled 3 easy steps to help with the process. Always keep in mind we are here for you and your best interest and do not work for your insurance carrier.

  • -Contact insurance carrier and file a claim of Storm Damage (hail, wind, snow) to your property incurred from the (Date) storms.
  • -Your insurance company will schedule a time for an adjuster to come and inspect for damages, or will have the insurance contact you directly to schedule appointment. For us to help you to the greatest compacity it is important to write down this information:
  • Claim Number:                                       ____________________
  • Adjuster Name & Phone:                      _____________________
  • Adjuster Appointment Date & Time: _____________________
  • -To ensure a proper damage assessment of your property and expedite the process it is common practice for your roofing contractor and insurance adjuster to meet at your property simultaneously.

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Know Your Rights

As a professional restoration contractor, we want you to understand your rights and various alternatives available when covered insurance damage and restoration work are involved. 

Your insurance policy is a CONTRACT between you and your insurance carrier. The policy entitles you to certain right but also lays out your obligations. We have outlined for you some of your consumer rights so you might have a better understanding of the policy you have purchased and how it applies to any repairs that you have done. Most homeowner policies generally contain the same provisions all over the United States.

DISCLAIMER: The following is for educational purposes only and is not offered as legal advice but merely a general guideline of what most insurance policies contain, and any questions should be addressed directly with your insurance carrier or attorney.

Since you are the policyholder, only you can demand that your insurance company lives up to its obligations under the policy. As a Professional Restoration Contractor, we recommend that you do so, out of strong conviction that fair dealing, good workmanship, and ethical business practices benefit the insurance industry just as they benefit the public at large.

You may take and are usually obligated to take measures to prevent further damage to the insured property and will be fully compensated by insurance carrier to do so.

However, you are not insured for the repair of unrelated problems, code deficiencies, or prior damage.

If you do not choose to employ such a firm, the consequences and liability for any injury, damage, or other action may rest on you.

The repair contract and its performance is strictly between you and the contractor. Your insurance company does not warrant or guarantee the performance of any firm you hire.

The insurance company has no obligations to improve your existing installation.

Repair rates should correspond to prevailing standards in your area for work of good quality.

Provision for hidden or latent problems relating to the damage should be spelled out in as much detail as possible.

You must be familiar with these requirements in order to enjoy the protection the law provides.

We Specialize in Your Roof & Protecting Our Community.

Lines 123-140 of the Standard Homeowners Form spell out these procedures for settling differences without resorting to lawsuit. The company also is entitled to this provision, which ma be invoked at any time prior to settlement, whether or not you have received advance payments.

However, the policy also has time requirements for the policyholder, within which you must prepare and submit your claim. Ask your adjuster or agent about these at the outset, so that you can be in compliance.