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Established Contractor Roof Warranty By Mr Roofer

  • Upgraded Architectural IKO Shingles 40 Year Factory Warranty
  • 40 Year Workmanship Guaranteed
  • Replace Your Roof With An Established Roofing Company Today!

Warranty Your Roof For 40 Years With Mr Roofer Today!

When it comes to protecting your home you can rest assured you are covered with an established local contractor. Knowing your trusted contractor is local and there for the long run goes into obtaining a warranty worth value. When you hire Mr Roofer as Your Roofing Warranty Contractor then you hired the type that honors their agreements and will still be here when you need us. Our goal is to build a better community for the future & we will still be roofing in that future.

Covered on ALL Sides

How Your Warranty Works. When we replace your roof then that comes with our workmanship warranty for the length of the lifespan from your products manufacturer warranty. So if you have insurance, a 40 year products manufacturer warranty, & a Mr Roofer Limited Lifetime Warranty then you are covered on angles. If you ever have any troubles with your roof you can be assured we are a call away to handle any situation that needs attention on your roof.

Mr Roofer Warranty Reads as Follows

This document warrants that should a defect in workmanship, related to the work completed by Mr. Roofer or All Pro occur within 40 years of the project, Mr. Roofer/All Pro will complete repairs within the original project’s scope of work at no charge to the customer. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, hail damage, wind damage, sun damage, intentional or accidental damage by any person, or acts of God that may or may not merit an insurance claim. This warranty only applies to portions of the project in which Mr. Roofer/All Pro fully replaced any existing products and does not cover repairs or service done to another contractor’s work. Defects in the building materials used to complete work do not fall under the scope of this workmanship warranty; any building products installed will instead be cover by the product’s original manufacturer warranty.