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Insurance Claim Specialist

Insurance claims do not have to be complicated. After a severe weather event the stress can become overwhelming. We have compiled 3 easy steps to help with the process. Always keep in mind we are here for you and your best interest and do not work for your insurance carrier.

  • -Contact insurance carrier and file a claim of Storm Damage (hail, wind, snow) to your property incurred from the (Date) storms.
  • -Your insurance company will schedule a time for an adjuster to come and inspect for damages, or will have the insurance contact you directly to schedule appointment. For us to help you to the greatest compacity it is important to write down this information:
  • Claim Number:                                       ____________________
  • Adjuster Name & Phone:                      _____________________
  • Adjuster Appointment Date & Time: _____________________
  • -To ensure a proper damage assessment of your property and expedite the process it is common practice for your roofing contractor and insurance adjuster to meet at your property simultaneously.

For More on insurance claims and easy claim information form submit visit our insurance claim specialist page.