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We conduct our services with the same ideologies gathered through US military services. Honor, Integrity, Honesty, Diligence, and Persistence.

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Our Tri-State Community Goals

We are a locally owned Snow Damage Repair Company founded by veterans with over two decades of experience specializing in your roofing needs. We have one goal and that is to improve our community and help our surrounding neighbors. 

Our team members are committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism, integrity, and quality with every project. We aim to raise the bar for roofing industry standards and will continue to strive for perfection.

Mr. Roofer treats every home as if it were our own. From start to finish we hope to provide examples of conduct that is associated with a compassionate company with honest intentions and your best interest in mind.


Professional Storm Damage Repair Is Our Focus

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying…

Positives: Professional, Quality, Responsive

"Mr Roofer helped us file an insurance claim due to some recent storm damage. They took a stressful time and made it a breeze, they were very knowledgeable and put my family and I at complete ease! I will definitely recommend them to anyone with roofing needs in the future!"

Jason Moore


Positives: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

"We chose Mr. Roofer to file our insurance claim after doing some research and learning they were a veteran owned company. Jon Robinson and Jason Johnson were a pleasure to work with! Quality work from quality guys! Two thumbs way up!!!!!"

Chris Lee


Positives: Professional, Kind, Helpful, Responsive

"We were going to file a claim with our insurance company due to storm/ice damage. The quote that ALL PRO of South Point, Ohio gave us was minimal so we decided to do the work ourselves (the deductible is half what the job would cost). Esther and Eric were very professional and helpful. John called me and said he would send some fans and cut back our carpet so we would not have mold issues. We will definitely use them when we do our roof repair."

Laurena Mayo


Positives: Professional, Easy to Work With

"Great guys to work with!!!"

Frank Murphy


Positives: Professional, Caring, Helpful

"These guys are wonderful. I have a special needs grand, they not only took our clothes but a small basket of his cars from the movie CARS. They retuned it all to us at our motel. Since some cars did not make it, they went to WAL MART and bought him a few more. Every step of the way, ALL PRO has been there for us. They come as strangers in your darkest moment. They leave that moment filled with hope and new family members."

Pam Clarke


Positive: Professional, Thorough, Diligent

"These guys went above and beyond to try to prove to All State that my roof needs to be totally replaced. He went up on the roof twice with 2 different All State's roofers to be sure they saw the same damage that he saw and take pictures. All State's roofer and Jason both failed my roof. All State even called him and he offered to send pictures. All State only wanted to replace 51  shingles on a failed roof which would not have held and would look horrible as you can see my roof from the street. So I replaced it myself. I you need a new roof and someone who is willing to fight for your interest I would highly recommend the guys at Mr.Roofer."

Donna Patterson


How does Snow Damage Your Roof?

Many think that your roof is safe during winter months, but that is not always the case. One way is water freezing and thawing over and over. With the constant freezing (expanding) and thawing (contracting) it can put a number on any roof and material. 

Another common issue is ice dams. They can block the water from exiting your roof, and with nowhere else for the water to go can be driven back into your home. Keeping your roof clear of ice dams can save you costly repairs to your home.

Snow Storm Damage Repair Near Me

Preventing Snow Damage

Snow damage is not as common as hail and wind, but can still have costly effects if not taken care of. As new technologies and understanding of building materials come about the way we protect our homes has changed dramatically over the years. With improved underlayment, proper attic ventilation, and the right style and slope roof this should not be an issue. Uncommon heavy snow drops, constant freezing and thawing temperatures, and ice dams are the main culprits for snow damage.

  • Improved material underlayment and proper attic ventilation is the most effective method when combating ice dams with any roof.
  • Observing and staying aware while knowing your roof’s limits is the best approach to avoiding costly damages and repairs.

Snow Damage Observations

  1. Icicles- We are not only talking about them falling on your head. They are an indication you may have an ice dam. When an ice dam goes unnoticed it can progress into expensive problems.
  2. Sagging Roofline- A roof in good condition will be able to support up to 4 feet of snow or more. Though if you notice a sagging roofline then it is an indication you need to call a roof specialist to make sure the structural integrity of your property is not compromised or becoming compromised.

We always recommend periodically inspecting your roof and knowing it’s limits. We would be glad to inspect your roof and help give you the peace of mind knowing your property is protected.

Why Choose Mr.Roofer for Your Snow Damage Repair Services?

When working with us as your Snow Repair Roofing Company you can rest assured we operate with your best interest in mind. Here is how we do it.

Comprehensive Roofing Inspection

We start by inspecting your roof with a detailed report so you can make an informed decision.

Insurance Claims Specialist

Certified insurance claim specialists can help guide you through storm damage claims with your provider.

Affordable Financing Options

Everyone should be able to protect their investment. We have full financing options to make that happen.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We take pride in our workmanship and use the best materials available so we can offer a 40 year workmanship warranty.

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Insurance Claim Specialist

Insurance claims do not have to be complicated. After a severe weather event the stress can become overwhelming. We have compiled 3 easy steps to help with the process. Always keep in mind we are here for you and your best interest and do not work for your insurance carrier.

  • -Contact insurance carrier and file a claim of Storm Damage (hail, wind, snow) to your property incurred from the (Date) storms.
  • -Your insurance company will schedule a time for an adjuster to come and inspect for damages, or will have the insurance contact you directly to schedule an appointment. For us to help you to the greatest capacity it is important to write down this information:
  • Claim Number:                                       ____________________
  • Adjuster Name & Phone:                      _____________________
  • Adjuster Appointment Date & Time: _____________________
  • -To ensure a proper damage assessment of your property and expedite the process it is common practice for your roofing contractor and insurance adjuster to meet at your property simultaneously.

For More on insurance claims and easy claim information form submit visit our insurance claim specialist page.

Our Leading Roofing Services

Residential Roofing

Your home is what protects you and your family. We make protecting your home from the top down as easy as possible.

Commercial Roofing

Your place of business is your livelihood. We understand how important it is to have your place of business open. We can help make that happen.

Storm Damage

Dealing with storm damage can be more than stressful. We have claims specialists and professionals with your best interest in mind to help you every step.

Roof Repair

Whether you have damaged or missing shingles, a leak, fallen debris, or are unsure of your roof’s integrity we can help fix the problem and bring peace of mind.

Roof Replacement

Sometimes a repair is not all you need to fix the problem and it becomes out with the old and in with the new. We take care of your roof and property from start to finish.

Silicone Roof System

Why replace a flat roof when you can save money and repair it? Check out our silicone roofing system options to see if you can help you save money!


Safety First

Safety is our priority from inspection, crews on the roof, to clean up, and final inspection. We perform our duties with your safety, our safety, and your properties safety always a priority.

  • Personnel Safety Equipment- the right tools for the job.
  • Warning & Caution Signs- for those that don’t see or hear the roofers
  • Catch All System- protects your property and gathers loose nails & debris

Safety Is Priority

Mr. Roofer Veterans Program- Serving Those Who Served

In 2020 Mr.Roofer & All Pro Roofing and Restoration established our “Covered Forces” program which allows for a total discount of up to $1,000 for homeowners who are active or former U.S. military.

For more information or a program application.