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#1 Roofing Contractors in South Point, Ohio

Finding the perfect roofing company in South Point Ohio can be overwhelming. This is because there are so many roofing contractors in the area, some of which are not very reliable. And that is why we established our business – to give South Point homeowners a chance to choose reliability and experience. We are the number #1 roofing contractor in the area, focusing on excellence and customer satisfaction.

As an extremely customer-oriented roofing contractor, Mr. Roofer understands that you deserve the best and will do everything to deliver that. We are a veteran-owned and operated business that has existed for more than 20 years, giving us the experience you need for excellent roofing solutions. Whether it’s a replacement, new roof installation, repair, or any other related offers, we are the team to deliver. Give us a call from anywhere in South Point, Ohio, and we will be there as soon as possible. We are an IKO-certified firm ready to ensure you get the most efficient and reliable roofing. 

Mr. Roofer Services and Roof Financing Options

Many homeowners spend on roof repair services and roof replacement services simply can’t wait – they have to be done no matter what or how much is in your wallet. But with roof financing options from Mr. Roofer including options under $100/month, you don’t have to stress.

Our professional technicians will complete the roofing project of your dreams and our dedicated team will help you with financing a roof replacement without personal loans or variable interest rates! Quit searching “affordable roofing company near me” and contact Mr. Roofer today!

New Roof Installation 

Are you looking to install roofing on a new construction building? Look no further than Mr. Roofer! We’ll build you something that fits into your architectural style and can help lower your energy costs.

There’s a wide range of new roofing materials on the market that can really expand your architectural possibilities. Ask us to learn more about our financing options for new roof.

Roof Repair

Skilled roof repairs can help you save money and extend your roof’s lifespan. Our roof repairs team will spot where the damage is and get your roof fixed before there’s any serious damage.

Roof Maintenance

We can perform regular inspections to help you stay on top of roof repair and maintenance. When you catch problems early, they’re easier and cheaper to fix.

Teardowns and Replacements

Roof replacements are simply a fact of life, but we’ll help you make it as affordable and painless as possible.

Metal roof financing and renovation loans and other financing options, through Mr. Roofer can help make your replacement a real upgrade at a cost you can afford. Don’t turn to sketchy roof loans or personal loans before checking out our finance options.

Commercial Roofing

Do you need commercial roofing options for your business, multifamily housing, or manufacturing facility? We’ll help you get new roofing that lets your business flourish to its full potential.

Other Services

Mr. Roofer also does siding, gutter installation, gutter maintenance, and ventilation. Contact us for more information on the services we offer.


Selecting the right roofing contractor is crucial for ensuring a successful whole new roof cost for your entire copper roofing installation.



"Had a neighbor that hired Mister Roofer, and I admired the job that they produced. Workers were super friendly so I asked if they could install a new roof at my place. Turned out just how I expected. Great service, great staff, and great company."


-Nick Parker

"Had them fix my roof at my pizza shop after the original roofing company didn't do a proper job. Not only were they polite, but they explained the process well. I'm not worried what so ever about the roof now that Mr. Roofer has worked on our roof!"


-Chase Robertson

"Best roofer in the tri-state! They did an excellent job on my roof and gutters! Also did it quickly! I would hire them for any of my outside needs! Big thanks to Mr. Roofer for the great service!"



"Best roofing company in the area! The owner personally came out and took care of me the same day. Out of three companies, they were not just the cheapest but the fastest to get my roof done. When the crew showed up to put my roof on they explained everything to me and was done in no time. I couldn't find a nail or any trash anywhere. "


-Triple R Softwash LLC

"I would recommend MrRoofer to anyone contemplating a new roof, or roof repair. They came with a large crew, early in the morning, and immediately got to work. They were careful to place tarps all over the yard to catch the 100 year old tile. Anytime I would message the owner, before or after my job was done, he was quick to respond. The price was great."


-Lori Hess

"They helped me walk through the insurance process and i just had to pay 500$ for a new roof after the massive hail storm the hit my house!"


-Ryan Bailey