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Choosing the right Roofing in Charleston, WV, can be pretty overwhelming. Don’t worry; we are here to meet all your roofing needs and give you a service that will never disappoint.

At Mr. Roofer, we are the professionals dedicated to giving every job the focus and quality it needs. Our customer satisfaction guarantee is something we have perfected for the past 18 years.

Roofing Charleston WV

Our roofing services are based on quality, integrity, and trustworthiness. That means we only hire professional and highly skilled roofers to work on your homes.

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How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractors in Charleston, WV

“Charleston” In West Virginia, is a region full of life and vibrancy. The economy of this region has been expanding rapidly over the past few years, especially in the real estate industry. Hence, it’s prevalent to find many construction, gutter roof cleaning and roofing companies. With that in mind, choosing the best roofing company that understands your needs is essential.

To do this, there are several key factors to keep in mind. They include:


Experience is among the main factors to put in mind when choosing roofing contractors. You want a company that has operated for several years and understands the market well. Such professionals give a quality service promises some peace since they guarantee you have a sturdy roof over your house and a roof over your head.

Mr. Roofer has been operating for the past 18 years. Every side project and successful business project has offered us an opportunity to do better business bureau improve our skills and serve our employees, clients and you better.

Customer Service

A new roof on over your head is a sign of security. But without roofing knowledge, you will only feel secure if you choose the right commercial roofing company. Their customer care services are one of the main ways to tell if a commercial roofing company is worth your time. You want a roofing contractor ready to respond to your needs with utmost urgency.

At Mr. Roofer, we have invested in maintaining a quality customer care system. You can reach us anytime for all your roofing needs, and our team will be more than ready to help. Whether in Lewis Centre or other parts of Ohio, our licensed roofers will get to you.


Ohio homeowners are more interested in the quality and reputation of a roofing contractor than the prices they pay. This is a smart choice because many legal issues in the construction industry may arise if you choose the wrong roof top company. For instance, you cannot claim your insurance if anything happens to the homeowner or roof if the same homeowner or roofing top company is not insured.

So, always check the company or contractor’s reputation before investing your time and money. This is one of the areas where we have excelled. It’s no wonder that most of our customers are referrals and repeats. We create a community in every service area.

Expertise with
Different Roofing Types

You can only get the highest quality materials and work from a top roofing cleaning company that has experts in the specific roofing system you choose. Some roof cleaning companies are better with metal roofs, others with tiles, and others with rubber. It’s crucial that you first establish whether or not the other roofing cleaning name and company has what you need.

At Mr. Roofer, we are roofers who have experience in a wide range of various roofing materials and systems. We will do flat roofs, slanting roofs, shingles, and many others. We also handle any extra work related to the exterior of your home, including gutters, siding repair, and roof ventilation.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We can tell you who we are and what we do all day, but the best insight comes from real customers’ reviews. After all, reviews don’t lie. Here’s what some of our customer reviews have to say about our contractor services and why we’re their preferred contractor:

Our Roofing Services

Our business is to give our customers the best Roofers Charleston WV. No job is too big or too small for our expert roofers. You can contact us confidently for the following service:

Commercial Roofing Contractors

For top commercial roofers in Charleston, West Virginia, look no further !! Our company specializes in delivering high-quality roofing solutions for businesses in the area. With a focus on durability and weather resistance, our commercial roofing systems ensure long-lasting protection for your property.

Commercial roofing is an under business umbrella that covers the following businesses:

New Roof Installation

Are you building a new commercial building and need a professional roofing company in Charleston, West Virginia?

We have helped many commercial contractors, businesses and commercial contractors in the area to down costs and realize their roofing project dreams. Give us a call, and you can put your worries about costs to rest.

Best Roofing Charleston WV
Top Roofing Charleston WV

Roof Repair

Roof leaks,missing shingles, and broken gutters can harm your business. Luckily we are here to do the entire process with quality work in fixing all those issues.

Call us for your project cost or first estimate today, and let’s work on restoring your home.

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Roof Replacement

After storm and water damage done, the problem on replacing your roof may be too much to handle with simple roofing repair. Call our Commercial Roofing Services experts, and we will do the roof replacement and replace of old or damaged roof top with new and more substantial material. Book us for your next Roofing and replacement.

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Residential Roofing Charleston, WV

Our residential roofing repair experts specialize in a wide range of residential roofs. This is a service that entails different professional tasks, including siding, gutters, and other parts of your home. We start every job with a deep inspection of your home and recommend the best roofing system.

Roo Inspection

Call our team to inspect your roof if you feel something is wrong. A detailed roof inspection will uncover all the weaknesses of your roof cleaning your system and give actionable intel for the integrity of your new roof and the roof doctor your property. Whether it’s a residential roof replacement project or commercial flooring project, call us for an inspection and get your estimate.

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Storm Damage Roofing Repair

No one can predict a storm, which can adversely affect the integrity of your property. Luckily, we are here to ensure you don’t sleep in the cold wind storm again. Our emergency response team is always on standby to work on fixing the damage. Call us and get your estimates as we work on the best course of action.

High-Quality Charleston Roofing Contractors

If you are looking for the most trusted roofing service, you should consider a team that does the job. At Mr. Roofer, we aim to be the #1 roofing company across Ohio, focusing on customer satisfaction. This is one of the main reasons we have remained in operation for nearly two decades. No matter your roofing needs, we are here to meet them. Call us today for your free estimate now, and let’s start working on your new top roofing, together.

We are a local and veteran-owned roofing services company in the Tri-State Roofing Charleston, West Virginia. Our goal is to improve our community and help our surrounding neighbors with honesty, integrity, and compassion in all we do.

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